Who is M&Y Care?

M&Y Care is a privately-owned home care services company founded in 1999 to provide professional quality in-home health care that is safe, effective, compassionate, and affordable. For over 20 years, M&Y Care has been dedicated to providing and promoting superior health care for individuals and families across our diverse communities. We believe that home care services should be an essential part of the healthcare delivery system. We become an advocate for every individual seeking safe, professional, and affordable care in their home. The value of our aged, diseased, and disabled population is no less important than other members of our society. We recognize that clients and families have the right to participate in planning for their care and to make decisions about their future that could impact their self-respect, dignity, and independence.

M&Y Care understands that you want top quality care for your loved one. We realize that you are searching for a highly qualified professional in-home care provider who will treat your loved one with compassion, respect, and dignity. At M&Y Care, we choose our nurses, therapists, and personal caregivers carefully to ensure that your family member is provided with the best services. Our people are passionate about what they do and pride themselves in being the best in their field. Our program includes periodic monitoring of your care plan to ensure that our service is always meeting your satisfaction.

Our team of professional caregivers work closely with you and your loved one to maintain their independence and promote their self-respect, while allowing them to continue to live safely at home and enjoy the lifestyle that makes them happy.

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