What Is Home Care?

Home care is supportive care provided in the home by licensed healthcare professionals who provide medical treatment needs or by professional caregivers who provide daily living assistance for a loved one. Caregiver duties are wide-ranging. One moment a caregiver may be shopping for meals or cleaning the carpet and the next they could be discussing medication dosage with the pharmacist or arranging transportation for a specialist appointment. The caregiver is responsible for ensuring continuity of care to the loved one, whatever that entails.

M&Y Care have been in business for over 20 years and possess the necessary experience to help guide you through the home care decision making process. We understand the challenges of a family to manage and care for a loved one’s needs during their recovery period or throughout the “aging in place” process. We also understand how difficult it is to allow someone to come into your home or a family member’s home.  M&Y Care has served thousands of families and has dealt with many different situations, schedules, personalities, and needs.  We understand that this is a new process you will be going through and we take the time to answer all your questions.

Although most home care requests are usually planned, M&Y Care can assist families who require a faster response in emergency situations such as a late day discharge from a hospital or rehabilitation facility. We are also available to help with requests for in hospital aid, assisted living facility bedside care, or major transitions such as assisted living to a family member’s home.

Whatever your need, M&Y Care is ready to help. Contact us to learn more about how M&Y Care can create an affordable personalized care plan for you.