In home health care services prove to be a great help for all the patients suffering from different diseases and also for those who are suffering from cancer. They assist the patient during the treatment, during recovery, and also beyond that. Patients who are suffering from advanced cancer or late or long-term effects of cancer treatment need continuous assistance and in home health care services can prove to be of great comfort when children, spouse, or other relatives are not present all the time to look after the patient. Also seeking help from a health care provider ensures that the proper care is done. S/he being highly trained than the relatives of the patient knows how to handle even the worst situations at home. When you are not in the town to support the patient, the home health care services provider will be there to assist all the time. Also, you can give your regular caregiver a break by hiring an in home health care services provider.

3 Points You Should Consider Before Opting For An In-home Health Care Services Provider

Special home caregivers are available for patients suffering from cancer. M&Y Care LLC offers a staff of home caregivers for hire which includes home helpers and nurses. Staffing services and registries can also prove to help find the right home health caregiver.

In Home Health Care Services

What Sort Of Care Do I Require?

To begin with, attempt to identify and expect what sort of care you may require. For instance, you may require a medical attendant to assist you with home chemotherapy and other medical procedures. Talk with your home care service provider about what kind of health care to anticipate throughout your therapy and recuperation. Consider asking your medical care group these inquiries:

  • How long after my medical procedure or therapy would I be able to get back to my home?
  • Will I require clinical assistance at home after my medical procedure or therapy?
  • What sort of help will I need, and how long will I require it for?
  • Will I require the assistance of a homecare individual for daily chores like scrubbing down or getting dressed?
  • Will I feel too drained to even think about handling my standard tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, clothing, and moving?

Which Type Of In Home Health Care Services Should You Hire?

There are different types of home health care providers on which people suffering from cancer can rely on. In home health care providers offer a registered nurse or RN. A registered nurse owns a degree in nursing after passing an exam and licensing program in the respective state, she is capable of giving direct medical care. You can also opt for a licensed practical nurse, or LPN, capable enough to provide basic medical treatment at home, including giving medications and changing bandages. The certified nurse assistant is also known as a patient care assistant, and nurse aides work under the supervision of an LPN or RN and facilitate daily needs and health care. They do chores like cooking, bathing the patient, dressing the patient, and so on. There are other helpers also who can do housekeeping work and provide companionship.
Based on the need of the cancer patient you can opt for a house health helper.

In Home Health Care Services

What Should One Consider Before Hiring A Caregiver?

If you go through an in-home health care agency to find a suitable caregiver then the processes involved like the searching, selecting, hiring, and verification everything will be done by them. There will be a representative from the agency who will visit you to understand the needs of the patient. Tell him everything in detail that has to be taken care of, including the patient’s daily activities. This will help the agency to formulate a customized plan. Also do not forget to mention whether you need someone who should stay with the patient for the day or just for few hours a day. Keep your finances in mind while deciding this and also ask if they are covered under medical insurances.

If you want to hire an in home health care services provider by yourself then make sure that you only select the ones who is trustable as they will be the one who will remain with your loved one all the time, even in your absence. It will be good if you start your search by giving a job description that includes all your requirements. After you shortlist a few applicants you can conduct a telephonic interview and later on meet face to face to verify their candidature. Check their certificates in case you are hiring an RN or LPN. Ask questions that are relevant to the job and prefer someone who has prior experience and also try to get in contact with persons who have hired the applicant before. Do not hesitate to inform them about the types of duties you expect them to do. The patient may need support in bathing, clothing, moving around, and even while using the toilet. Make sure that you are transparent to them in all ways.


  • You can also ask the following questions to make sure that they are the ones you need.
  • Have you ever worked for a cancer patient before?
  • Do you understand their needs and how to handle them at all times?
  • Can you do cooking and cleaning when required?
  • Are you comfortable in providing medicines to the patient?
  • Can you take my loved ones to the hospital for checkups and other requirements?
  • Are you comfortable doing night shifts?
  • If insurance does not cover the expenses what will be your hourly charges?Make sure that the agency you rely on is trustworthy and dependable not only for you but for your loved one also. M&Y Care LLC is a trusted name in providing in home health care services for everyone in need.

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