For a majority of people, knowing when it’s time to think about hiring a home health care services provider for an aging elder is a painful thought. In many cases, the elders show changes in behavior. They move from the happy, caring caregivers you have always enjoyed to distracted and forgetful people whom we don’t fully understand.

Watching your parents grow old can be difficult, and worrying about their care can be heartbreaking. Unfortunately, dealing with these realities is essential to ensure that your parent receives the care they need to age with grace, dignity, and support, and to recognize the signs that your parent needs home care is the very first step.

Read Below To Understand When Your Elders Need Home Health Care Services

Maybe you’ve noticed that your father starts telling you the same stories over and over, or your mom often leaves the leftovers in the kitchen for days. Maybe you have a parent who is starting to get lost or who is having a hard time dressing, eating, or cooking on their own.

No matter how old your elders are, or if they’ve been sick so far, these top signs are a sure indicator that the time to hire an in-home health care services provider has arrived.

Home Health Care Services


Isolation is a dangerous thing for seniors. In addition to increasing older adults’ risk of death, isolation can hurt older adults’ health and contribute to the development of dementia and cognitive decline. If your elderly parents, and relatives have already started isolating them, hiring a domestic helper can prevent the situation from getting worse.

The Elders Are Forgetful Of Meetings, Appointments, And Other Schedules

Forgetting things is an early sign of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Also, the elders who show signs of forgetting important events, doctor’s appointments, and other minor things are showing early signs of memory loss. Even if their memory is sharp and they remember things as it is but still are missing schedules they may need assistance in their daily routine. They may be finding it difficult to drive a car, buy groceries, dressing-up, etc.

Lack Of Cleanliness And Proper Personal Hygiene

  • Maybe you’ve noticed that the trash hasn’t been taken out for days or that your mom’s fridge is full of rotting, spoiled food. Perhaps you are starting to notice that your father no longer showers or shaves.
  • Dirty clothes, stinking bathrooms, and an unpleasant body odor are indications that your elders are having difficulty using the bathroom alone and need compassionate help to maintain their dignity and quality of life.
  • If your mom has always kept a clean house, but now the sink is full of dishes and unopened mail is spilling into her entryway, she’s probably having trouble managing her household chores and may need additional help.

While symptoms like this may seem like simple forgetfulness, it’s important to remember that rotten food in the refrigerator can indicate your parent isn’t eating, and poor personal hygiene can put your parent at risk for infection and other bothersome symptoms.

Extreme Mood Swings

Severe mood swings or mood swings can be a sign that your elders are suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or depression. Hiring a home health care services provider can ensure that your loved ones have someone to watch for symptoms and warn them if they get worse or drastically change.

Boredom and Depression

In some cases, home help can help older relatives who are bored and need more consistent companionship. In addition to their domestic duties, home health caregivers can spend time with the elderly, accompany them to social events and appointments, and help them learn new things.

It is not uncommon for the elderly to suffer from depression as they get older, especially when their spouse has passed away and they are alone. In these cases, the home health care services provider can help by providing companionship and support.

Forgetting Prescriptions

With the increase in age, it is very common that people tend to forget their prescriptions. Most elders after the age of 60 years need others’ help to remind them of the same. But in the absence of yours whom you can trust to assist your loved elders other than the extremely reliable home health care services provider.

Difficulty in Driving

For older people, losing their right to drive can be a devastating event. Unfortunately, many older people continue to drive beyond the point where it is medically recommended, putting themselves and others at risk. Due to this, they may not be able to do their regular shopping of groceries and other things. If you notice any bumps or scratches on your parents, he or she may need extra help to keep them safe and well.

Home Health Care Services

Difficulty in Moving

Many times elders find it extremely difficult to move on their own. Especially when they are staying alone they need to move a lot as they do not have you to help them. They may never tell you but they might be suffering from back pain and other body pains. Hiring an in-home caregiver will assist them fully in their movements also. This will decrease their sadness and they will be happier than before.

Dangerous Behavior

If your elders are showing signs of self-harm like suicidal tendencies, intentionally hurting themselves and you are not with them always then it’s high time that you seek help. In this fast-moving world, it is very difficult to find someone who is trustable and reliable. Even the relatives of the elders are not in the situation to assist them 24*7.

Licensed in-home health care providers are the best option in such conditions. They are trained and certified to help the elders in any kind of adverse situation.

Old people are like children who need continuous support in everything. They may not tell you but they are facing difficulties in everything that they do. It is best to hire a home health care services provider to assist them throughout day and night. M&Y Home Care is a home health care provider agency that is trusted.

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